Haley Coyle

Graphic Designer

The Dreamer

Get to Know Haley (A.K.A. Hales)

Q: What are you?

Hales: Well, I’m a weirdly creative thinker.

Q: What do you do for fun?

Hales: I am really active. I like skiing, soccer, hiking, swimming, rock climbing (a pretty new thing), being social with friends, obviously watching Netflix, or binge watching the latest show.

Q: Dream Job?

Hales: To be honest, it used to be a professional soccer player my whole life, but now it’s not a place or a position its more like an idea/way of life.  I would like to be living in a place that is happening and trendy, while at work we are forward thinkers pushing things beyond their limits. Coming up with new and exciting pieces that make us the trend setters. I want to be part of a company or studio that I am excited to go to in the morning, proud to be a part of, and more like a family then just colleagues.

Q: What would your friends say about you?

Hales: Most of my friends would say that I am very sweet, caring, weird, group organizer, always down for an adventure, and annoying with her camera.

Pasta lover, cookie monster, Indie rock follower, Movie buff